Our lawn care professionals provide a wide range of comprehensive services to keep lawns well-maintained. According to the PennState Agricultural Sciences Department well-manicured landscape significantly increases the value of any property.

  • The first thing we do is perform soil analysis to determine the best route to take for optimum results. We inspect the lawn for disease and insect population.


Green & Eco-Friendly

There are several options for lawn control and care which do not require chemical application. Contact our lawn experts in State College now to discover which economical and nontoxic methods can improve the health of your lawn.

  • Our horticulture team understand the basic, but effective steps which manage grubs as well as many other species of insects such as proper irrigation; deep rooted grasses; and beneficial nematodes.

  • Our landscaping specialists utilize a method known as over-seeding which rejuvenates the life of the lawn giving it a thicker, lusher, and more picturesque appearance.

  • One of the most health beneficial steps we take to care for your lawn is called aeration. This simple measure allows nutrients from the soil, amendments, water, and air to reach the deepest roots where they are needed most.

  • Our lawn care specialists use a technique known as dethatching which eliminates dead plants, laterally growing grass, and general growth overcrowding to allow a gorgeous lawn to spring up from the soil.

JRS Landscape Design & Installation offers free estimates and consultation to residential homes and commercial sites. 

  • A proper balance of fertilization‎ is one of the keys to maintaining a gorgeously healthy lawn.

  • We will implement measures to prevent regrowth of broadleaf weeds such as plantain, dandelions, and clover.

  • We introduce crabgrass pre-emergent to lawns to establish a barrier which effectively inhibits germination.‎

  • We provide vegetation control which eliminates unwanted weeds within pathways, fence lines, and gravel driveways.

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